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Welcome to LED Wholesale Direct. As an Australian wholesaler in LED lighting and a firm believer of this technology, we take great care in ensuring you not only receive the highest quality products for your customers but also the service to match.
We are continually developing new products to meet market demand and standards. In doing so, this enables us to be a leader in LED lighting technology.
We are confident that we can help you provide the best LED lighting to your residential and commercial customers.

Please have a look at our energy and cost savings calculator below and feel free to use this as an educational tool for your customers. Ifyou have any questions please send us an email and one of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours. LED Wholesale Direct was established to provide an affordable solution for the ever rising energy costs to run conventional lighting.

Australian owned and operated, LED Wholesale Direct turns to emerging technologies to supply an energy-efficient, greener and moretainable lighting solution for residential and commercial sectors alike.sustainable lighting solution for residential and commercial sectors like. stainable lighting solu

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About Us


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